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Mass production of Bifacial High Efficiency Solar Cell EarthON™Series
In July 2011, world's leading demonstration line, Saijo Factory has been brought to a start.
Compiling all our technologies, we have realized world top level efficiency.
The greatest feature is its high bifaciality over 90% (the power generating ratio of both sides).
Saijo Facotry with over 35MW production capacity, not only does it manufacture and supply cells, it plays a role as a mother factory to apply the mass production technology brushed up at Saijo to newly born factories.
EarthON Cells will be widely provided from we PVG Solutions as well as from factories around the world adopting our technologies.
Saijo Factory
Saijo Factory
The origin of the brand name
Earth On
Brand Concept: Solar Power is Earth's Secret Weapon
Irregular climate all over the world, disparity of wealth continuously expanding… Earth drying, glaciers melting, and fires induced in mountaics from enormous sun's energy… But IF you can make sun your friend, Co2 can be reduced, and as long as there is the SUN, we can produce electricity. The stage to produce electricity can be built anywhere, an empty field, mountains, or crowded residential areas. Solar Power may be THE secreat weapon. So that people, no matter country borders, can switch on "the secret weapon's" buton, we PVGS would like to be the one to spread the high efficiency / high quality product and the technology all over the world. We would like to be the start to reborn Earth. Earth, wake up! Earth-On
Product name Earth OnEarthON Cell Conventional Solar Cell
Cell type n p
Crystal type Mono Mono, Multi
Wafer size 156mm sq / t=200μm 156mm sq / t=200μm
Structure Bifacial Mono-facial
(Max power) at STC
Front Rear Front Rear
Appearance Earth On Earth On Earth On Earth On
Production cost per watt (JPY/Watt) is same level as that of conventional cell
EarthON™ Series Product Catalogue
Earth On
※ Cell Eff and Module power depends on the module structure installation and surrounding reflected light.
Characteristics of Bifacial Module using EarthON Cell
  1. By utilizing diffused/reflected light on the Rear side, it can make more power output and decrease the power generating cost.
  2. In vertical installations, it can achieve the same annual electricity generated as in slanted installations. On top, annual electricity generated is mostly stable no matter the direction the module is facing.
  3. Because the generated power does not depend on the direction, there are less limitations in module application and its design.
  4. With vertical installation, it is possible to place modules on sides of building walls and minimize the set-up area while keeping the same power generation.
  5. Design attractive and suitable for BIPV such as transparent ceilings and curtain walls.
Example of Vertical Installation
For buildings and residential use
Earth On
  1. May be applied not only on roof tops but also on the side of walls or use as rooftop fences.
  2. With a little creativity on the rear side, generating power can be increased.
  3. No more worries of snow loads, leaves or bird droppings.
  4. Design attractive to use as building walls or even more, being identical on both sides.
For snowy area or sandy area.
Earth On Earth On
  1. No need to worry about snow loads or sand dusts preventing power generation.
  2. Maintenance free from snow removal or cleaning.
  3. More power may be achieved from stronger reflections from snow and sand.
  4. Stable annual power generation.
  1. For sound barriers on highways or fences
Example of Vertical Installation
For SolarParks
Earth On
  1. 10 to 30% more power may be achieved with light reflcetion from the ground.
  1. Rooftop of waiting rooms of bus stops, carports, rooftops.